How to write in a blog?

Blogs or Weblogs are the fastest growing technology on the Internet. With there being so many blogs right now, how can you make our blog known and get people to read it? How can our blog become outstanding if there are so many people who are trying to accomplish the same thing?

Blog style is different from our usual writing.
Our style must make the act of reading easier and more intuitive.

Getting used to writing articles for blogs takes some time. Here is a guide to make your postings more successful:

· Make your title attractive. Dull titles will not capture your readers’ interest, but a captivating title will reach out and grab the reader by the collar.
· The title should be in Bold, 12 point font.

· Determine the style of your posting: humorous, personal, informative, etc.
· Make your writing credible. If your article is informative, do the proper research and /or draw from your knowledge to illustrate. Your stories and real life examples will meet your reader’s need for practical information and connect with their emotion. It is known that emotions will move people to action: The reader will certainly leave a comment in your posting.
· Make your article short to keep the attention and start with the conclusion. Web readers do not like spending their time in long texts. So, get to the point early and use the rest of your article to support that main point.
· Write the posting using correct spelling and punctuation, but remember some mistakes are accepted because the aim of writing in a blog is communication.

TIPS: Don´t worry about making spelling mistakes because the Word program will help you! Here are the instructions to avoid spelling or grammar mistakes.
1. Open a new file in Word format.
2. Click on Tools ( Herramientas), then on Define Language (Definir Idioma), select English language ( either British or American).
3. Write your article.
4. Press F7 Key and the program will check spelling mistakes (in red) and grammar ones (in green). Do the necessary corrections.
5. Copy and paste the writing in your blog.

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