September- December 2007

We got to September- December 2007.. This trimester we continued using most of the tools used in the preceding trimester.
These are some of the blogers from that time:

Level 6 (speaking group)
Alejandro Araujo...
Cristina Velasco:
Johann Nuñez:
Anabell Ayala:
Eric Sanchez:
Roberto Roman:
Ludim Pereira:
Deyjos Carruci: my blog
Maria Zerpa Blanco:
Manuel Hidalgo:
Luis Enrique Govea Diaz:
Ileana Yoris:
Anna Perdomo
Luis Barroso
Angela fernandez
Melvin Jhonson
Ileana Yoris
level 6
level 6
level 6 sep-dec 2006
level 6 sep-dec 2006
Level 5
Stephanie Acosta
Orlando Carrizo
Maria Pineda
Mayen martinez
Roberto Boscan
Juan Carlos Ulloa
Robert Olivares
Tibahire Arandia
Leliuscris Cisneros
Abraham Corona
Carlos Barquero
Maria paula Ramirez
Karina Gonzalez
Eliana Matheus
Luis Nuñez
Daniella Hernandez
Kelly Ocando
Joalis Huguett
Gustavo Ocando
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