Doris reports on progress in the Writingmatrix project

in and IM chat with Vance Stevens, April 2007

doris molero: my guys finished yesterday posting their blogs... boy that was a titanic thing to do... but they had fun.... check them out...
doris molero: some of them are really good and some others are... well... they tried... that was important... I told them that they could edit them anytime....
doris molero: Where did you guys go?.. I have been very busy with blogs and exams.... i'm just putting the lnk in the wiki
doris molero: How long is this project going to go on? I'm starting a new trimester in one week and I'm planning on starting with our blogs right from the beginning of the class, so my guys can edit their posts and work with their blogs in class my course is in July I put your blog address in our wiki
doris molero: most of my students said they'll keep on working on their blogs... they were happy finding out how easy was to have their own websites.... that presentation link works it's two hours but when you've had a chance to listen you will discover that I found your blogs
doris molero: what about the other teachers... I haven't told to them anymore... I checked my delicious tags and you had tagged nelba's page one of the tags you used on an associated page was urbe
doris molero: m java thing is starting... I'll listen to the presentation in a few minutes... I did a technorati search on writingmatrix some of the results produced were also tagged urbe
doris molero: I don't know much about tgging... I must confess.... from that we discovered we had hit on your studetns' blogs i don't either, but thanks to this experiment we are all learning
doris molero: I asked my guys to write both urbe and writingmatrix perfect because from those two tags we can vector in on them we know they are your students
doris molero: even EFL so cool
doris molero: They have a lot of widgets... it's amazing... widgets?
doris molero: they are multitasking...
doris molero: I don't know how do you call all this little html codes you can add to your blogs.. ah, the embedded multimedia
doris molero: like video games... slide shows... yes, it's great how they run with it
doris molero: yeah... embedded multimedia... it's good to see a list of your bloggers
doris molero: they were so happy to discover that it's so easy... as I said, we'd already found them using the tools we're exploring in our writingmatrix project
doris molero: The most important thing was that everybody worked...
doris molero: not only the "good ones" studnts who can speak Englih well, but even the begginer were producing... they felt good after they so what they are able to do..
doris molero: they saw... what they can do with a little extra work and the support of their peers.
doris molero: with did it all at the end of the course... as a final project... I can't wai to see how it's going to be as a regular class... you were describing your class and blogging pretty real and to the point
doris molero: after they finished their blogs they had to tell me about them... that was their final presentatations... their evaluation... they said... it was crazy at he beggining... we thought we won't be able to do it... they thought ... teacher... you're crazy ... but at the end they were happy ... some of them not satisfy... they said they wanted to come back and edit what they wrote...
doris molero: it was great....